Cyber Security & Networking

The Security of Information Systems and Business Networks, requires continuous monitoring and periodic thorough checks: it is necessary to adopt an appropriate technical, organizational and procedural measures, to ensure and maintain high levels of safety.

IT security requires specialized skills for the control of networks, systems, applications, and data. Also requires the constant verification of system vulnerability. Mobile and cloud make the management process more complex, with implications for privacy. The spread of electronic payment systems (mobile payments), social networks and the Internet of things, involve issues of digital identity authentication for individuals communicating on the network (people, objects and machines) and a set of problems in data streams and information security.

We Support in all phases for information security: IP networks, systems, applications, and data.

DataSev offers companies a full range of services, which cover all business requirements for information security and threat prevention, with a holistic and integrated approach: identity management, application & data security, network security:

  • Vulnerability Scanning (Assessment)
  • Security Scanning
  • Penetration testing and vulnerability assessment
  • Security Testing
  • Cybersecurity and Intelligence
  • Real-time Security
  • Network & Security
  • Specialized support for networks
  • Network Manager: Deployment, back-end, front-end
  • Security: Monitoring, Post-Incident, Training


DataSev supports companies by providing a full range of services and solutions for information security management: regulatory compliance, risk profiles of users, systems and services, protection and attack prevention, post-incident forensic analysis, identity protection.

We also offer solutions for security, confidentiality and integrity of data, encryption obtained through hashing and key-exchange, advanced electronic signature, qualified and simple authentication systems based on smart cards, OTP, smartphone or envelopes cryptographic standards.